Integrated Components’ Manufacturing Abilities & Certifications

The extent of our production capabilities is what makes Integrated Components stand out from other machine shops in Wichita and even across the country. We have been the preferred choice for aircraft parts manufacturing from some of the biggest aircraft companies such as Boeing, Beechcraft and Cessna.

But what does it mean for you that we can manufacture parts of all shapes, types and sizes?

It means we can handle your job

Is your job large? If we can produce for NASA, we can produce for you. Even for a production of thousands of parts, we have the manpower and equipment to deliver the quantity you need. Integrated Components has a history of adapting by growing and expanding to meet the increasing demand for our services. This includes expanding our Wichita facility into 2 large buildings as well as purchasing manufacturing production machines with new automation to increase our output capabilities.

Is your job small? Every job is important, no matter the size. If you only need a production of 1 part, count on Integrated Components to deliver. Even if all you need is a one-piece prototype, we can do the job.

Does your job require difficult materials? That’s what we are known for. Our acquisition of various lathes, mills, gear shapers and other equipment over the years has put us in a unique position to deliver the production order, no matter how difficult the material is.


You can rely upon expert and precision work from Integrated Components. Our certifications and approvals show that we continuously maintain high standards and level of quality to get the job done exactly as our customers need it.

In addition to proving quality, these certifications allow us to work with complex or government projects. Certain certifications permit us to supply parts that will be used for national defense or aerospace projects.


International Service Organization

The ISO 9001 certification family verifies quality management against the best standards set down by the International Service Organization. These standards provide organizations and companies with the tools and sets of standards needed to ensure that their products and services meet customer’s requirements. Because of these intense regulations, the quality is consistently improving.


Society of Automotive Engineers

Integrated Components is an AS9100 certified company. This includes the certification ISO 9001 and has additional specific requirements related to the Aerospace Industry.


The Machine Shop for your Manufacturing Needs

From procuring raw material to heat treating and finish processing, we provide a finished component ready for you to put on your assembly or sell to your customer. Precision, integrity and reliability are the foundations of our commitment to serving you. We will seamlessly integrate into your supply chain. Contact us for your next job and know that we can deliver.