Gear Hobs

Gear hobbing is a distinctive process that differs from milling in that both the cutting tool and the workpiece move in a precise synchronization to create the desired cut. Gear hobbing is a popular process for cutting splines and sprockets, as well as creating spur and helical gears.

Integrated Components uses gear hobbing technology to manufacture splines on an array of shafts, in addition to a number of other applications. The process of gear hobbing is perfect for cutting shafts in one pass without spline relief and can be repeated with excellent precision, making it a reliable and fast method for shaft and gear production.

Integrated Component’s gear hob meets the diverse requirements of our customers with quick and accurate reliability.

Machine shop worker at gear hobs machine

Barber Colman

Integrated Components uses gear hob technology to manufacture splines on an array of shafts. This technology is perfect for cutting shafts without spline relief in one pass with excellent repeat-ability. Integrated Components has a large selection of gear hob cutters for a variety of applications.