Integrated Components, Inc is proud to be considered a top leader in the aviation parts industry. We work hard to be at the forefront of rapidly growing technology and systems. Learn about the various ways we work to maintain providing the most current and top-notch service to a variety of suppliers from all across the United States.

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Integrated Components at WITS 2023

Wichita Industrial Trade Show


wichita aviation conference wits 2023

This past October, Integrated Components Inc was proud to attend a massive conference in downtown Wichita, KS. The biannual Wichita Industrial Trade Show (WITS) was held from October 17 to 19 at Century II.

WITS is a significant marketplace for buyers in the Midwest and has been since 1974. Integrated Components Inc was among over two hundred other exhibitors from all sectors of our industrial community. It’s a free show providing a great opportunity for exhibitors to present our services in machinery and manufacturing.

WITS 2023 logo Wichita Industrial Trade Show

aviation trade show

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Our team had a great time being able to showcase our services and to meet with others in the industry.

At this year’s WITS, the cornerstone event was a panel discussion hosted by the Wichita Manufacturers Association entitled “Manufacturing 2023: Growth Challenges and Opportunities.”

The next WITS won’t be in 2025 – and Integrated Components looks forward to being there!

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kansas aviation museum

Integrated Components Receives Kansas Aviation Museum Award

Honoring Wichita Aircraft Manufacturing Companies & History


kansas aviation museum awardOn January 28, 2023, Integrated Components Inc. was honored as a recipient of the Kansas Aviation Museum’s Celebrate Aviation 2023 Award.

This Kansas Aviation Museum Award is presented recognizing the importance and impact by area supply companies to national and international aviation.

Wichita has long been known as the Air Capital of the World. We don’t just have a rich history of momentous contributions to the aviation industry, but also, we remain the backbone and lifeblood for aviation. Integrated Components is proud to be a part of this endeavor as one of the trusted supply companies for aviation.

The “Celebrate Aviation” event hosted by the Kansas Aviation Museum was hosted by Lily Wu of KWCH-TV. Integrated Components along with Bevan Aviation and Lee Aerospace accepted this great award and joined in on a Q and A session about our companies and our products.

kansas aviation award event

Photo from the Kansas Aviation Museum


Integrated Components Participates in Marshall Space Flight Center Small Business Joint Council

Integrated Components was invited by the NASA Small Business Office to participate and showcase our manufacturing strengths at this joint council held in Huntsville, Alabama. The George C. Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) is the US government’s research center for civilian rocketry and spacecraft propulsion. The center’s first mission was to develop the Apollo program’s Saturn launch vehicles. It is named in honor of General of the Army George Marshall.

Learn more about NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center here.