Integrated Components specializes in complete, multi-part assemblies. Whether providing an assembly with rivets and a nutplate, a welded assembly or multiple machined aircraft parts finished as small-to-medium sized assembly, Integrated Components has the capabilities required to add value to your project.

Integrated Components has an extensive supply chain to source nutplates, bushings, bearing, rivets, aircraft fasteners, sealant, springs, threaded inserts or clamps to complete assemblies for any application.

Watch our amazing machines in action. Below is a video of the machining of a throttle lever, a component in throttle assembly for general aviation.

Combining our supply chain with our manufacturing capabilities, Integrated Components is able to ship ready-to-use assemblies for many locations in the aircraft. Let us quote your project today.

Assembly Parts


Integrated Components Inc. is a premiere manufacturing facility located in Wichita, Kansas with customers from across the continent.

With nearly 20 years of proven quality work, you can count on us to deliver high quality gear cutting, part manufacturing, and assembly.

We serve various industries which include aircraft, defense, racing, printing and recreation. Contact us today to learn how we can deliver the exact precision and quantity you need.


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