Vertical Mills

Milling machines are an invaluable part of the machine manufacturing industry and carry out one of the most common machining procedures in workpiece production.

Milling is a metal cutting procedure that utilizes a carving and removal process to create parts such as gears and ball bearings. Vertical mills have a spindle that moves vertically up and down over the workpiece surface. Relying on a series of specially shaped rotary cutters, milling machines can shape edges (round or square for example) and drill or bore into piecework to create highly detailed designs.

Milling machine at Wichita's Integrated Components shop

Mori Seiki 5100 (2 Machines)

The Mori Seiki 5100 is a high performance milling machine that provides both reliability and cost efficient production. It offers three X-axis stroke variations: 600 mm (23.6 in.), 800 mm (31.5 in.) and 1,050 mm (41.3 in.) to adapt to our customer’s diverse machining requirements. Integrated Components primarily uses this mill for hog outs – the high-speed removal of material in larger quantities. Hog outs are preferred (as opposed to casting) for prototype pieces or when only a few pieces are required.

Large Performa HV5.5A vertical mills machine

Akira Seiki – HV5.5A

Our Akira Seiki  HV5.5A is a powerful milling machine used primarily for piecework that requires  removal of a lot of material.  At Integrated Components, we use this mostly for hog outs.

Sharp SV-2412, large vertical mills machine

Sharp – SV-2412 (2 Machines)

The Sharp series of vertical milling machines are engineered to produce unsurpassed quality work. Integrated Components is proud to include this model among our vertical milling machines. With a proven track record, they outperform all other milling machines in this category, with high speed detailing and design.

Vesta 1300


VESTA-1300, developed by leveraging Hwacheon’s machining expertise, diagnoses variables in different working conditions and machining environments in real time and makes optimal adjustments to provide quality that is unmatched by existing machining centers.